You’ve seen the memes, reels, tiktoks, posts, and tweets: the advice is that babies don’t keep and you’re going to miss this, so soak up every single moment and don’t ever blink and nap when the baby naps, and make sure you have no regrets because then you’ll be full of regret.

Is this Christian advice? Is this a Christian way of viewing time? Is nostalgia morally neutral? Join us as we think about what it means not to wish for the days of yore.


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  1. Faye

    Oh my gracious!! I wish I could hug your necks!! My baby is about to turn 1, and I have been riddled with guilt for most of the first year because I feel like I’m not enjoying her perfectly every second. I have told my husband I’m so distressed because I can’t find balance between keeping the house and being present with her because I stress in the moments I’m not enjoying perfectly 🤣 Lord, please help us all. You guys handled this SO well and in such an encouraging way! God bless you and your families.


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