This week we are blessed to have Rosaria Butterfield back on the show. And we say blessed because issues related to identity and sexuality (and the idea of sexuality being an identity) are at the forefront of our cultural conversations and Rosaria once again took us to school. What is identity? What is a Christian identity? Do things like race, gender, and sexual orientation make up who we are? Are these even the right questions to ask? We even go in to territory we didn’t expect because Rosaria explains how Christian hospitality is an important answer to dealing with these issues. We cried, we laughed, we cried laughing. Don’t miss this one.

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3:00 We decided not to discuss our resolutions for the year, so we went ahead and discussed our resolutions for the year. We hope they encourage you!

10:00 Why we need you.

15:00 Why we wanted to talk to Rosaria Butterfield on this topic.

16:00 Rosaria has said that “creation is an identity issue.” What does she mean by that, and why does it matter?

24:16 What is a “keyword” in cultural studies? How does “gay christianity” differ from Biblical christianity?

35:00 In what ways are we lacking in Gospel literacy?

39:30 The world is catechizing our children about identity. How are they wrong on the topic?

46:30 The church has not hit it out the park on the topic of homosexuality in the past. But are we now trying to overcorrect so much that we are falling into another, just as erroneous, ditch?

51:15 What does Christian hospitality have to do with any of this?

56:45 What do you say to someone who loves the Lord and is same-sex attracted?

1:02:10 If you aren’t accustomed to practicing hospitality in your own home, where do you start?

1:07:06 Joy has a new New Year’s resolution.








  1. Kristin Geckle

    This episode was just so darn good. Literally everything Rosario said had me yelling ‘amen’ from my living room. This may be one of the best episodes of Sheologians EVER. And I’m right there with you, Joy…I too was feeling all the things this episode.

  2. Megaloo

    Thank you for sharing with us ladies. We are adjusting to a new culture out here in Oregon and the LORD has blessed us to be where we are at. HE is growing us and this discussion has seriously hooked me up.
    Your Sister in CHRIST,
    Meghan Thomas

  3. Garry

    Not a big fan. Sorry this is what passes for Christian

    • Janie

      Would you like to clarify, and tell us what you found unChristian about it?


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