In this episode we cover some ways that feminism is poison in the church, in our own hearts, and in the way that we view the world. More than anything, we want to think through ways that we can be discerning, love God with our minds and actions, and rebel against the advancing culture that says that men and women are interchangeable. Let’s chat!

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1:00 Summer needs to talk about a recco she made in the last episode real quick….

8:00 Book club/shop update!

13:40 A hilarious Sheologians store mix-up.

16:20 We introduce today’s topic: feminism! Surprise! Summer explains why we are diving in to this again.

19:00 What is so subversive about Christian feminism. 

22:14 Why is it utter foolishness to say that we need more women in leadership since women have been the subject of abuse?

27:30 Joy discusses revolution based on feelings. 

39:00 I’m not a feminist, but….I do believe that men and women are mostly interchangeable. 

49:50 What should I be doing with my time? 

53:30 On injecting some humility in our posture towards the truth of God and the amazing way He created us.



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  1. Jessica

    Hello, ladies! I recently discovered your podcast/website after listening to your episodes with the Cultish podcast about the handmaid’s tale. I loved the episodes and I’m enjoying listening to your shows. These are exactly what I’ve been missing in my life – discussions with other Christian women around my age about the Bible, theology, feminism and whatever else comes to mind. I can’t emphasize how much I love it. The reason I’m writing is VERY important – I watched the movie ‘in the vast of night’ yesterday after hearing Summer say the movie was cute and that another listener said it was scary. I have to concur with Summer – it’s one of the cutest movies I’ve seen recently. It had elements of a thriller which was fantastic but it was mostly adorable. The only not adorable thing was the ending but since the plot seemed to be modeled in the style of the twilight zone it was appropriate. I’m excited to continue catching up on episodes.


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