This is an extremely important topic that the church CANNOT afford to be ambivalent about! About 3,000 babies are murdered every day in our nation alone. The death toll is one we can hardly wrap our brains around. We are told in Scripture to hold back those stumbling to the slaughter, and never in the history of the world have humans been murdered on such a relentless and massive scale. While babies are burned alive in the womb, their arms torn off their bodies, their heads crushed, and their necks snapped, we drive by the clinics where this is done legally with hardly a thought. How can that be? How can politicians and activist groups that claim to be pro-life pass legislation that does not call abortion what it is—murder? Zach helps us think through these issues, and tells us how we can battle this great evil of our age with God’s word.


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00:57 All the reasons why Joy would be Cruella DeVille if she was a Disney villain.
3:56 Joy gives us a quick run down of why she was in Ireland in March, which includes the abortion fight currently taking place there, how pro-life feminists exist, and how American our accents are.
14:51 We introduce the stellar Zachary Conover and have him explain what he spends his time doing for End Abortion Now.
22:30 Are women who have abortions victims?
28:10 What are some of the motivating factors in the Pro-Life Movement’s “victimhood” narrative?
34:20 If you saw someone committing a murder, what would you do?
35:00 An example of a time that incremental legislation harmed the pro-life cause.
38:50 Why being against incremental legislation is not the same thing as being ungrateful for any babies that might be saved.
39:40 Does incremental legislation help end abortion?
42:35 Zach addresses the misconception many Christians have of the roles of church and state.
48:20 Can abortion be ended without incremental legislation? Zach gives us a little law lesson.
54:45 The call of Scripture is never, ever pragmatic.
59:45 Joy introduces the Feminist of the Week and somehow we end up talking about how feminism has pulled a huge prank on women.



  1. Pedro Camino

    Thank you! This is pure, consistenbbiblical argumentation. Keep up the good fight.

    On another topic, my 15 y/o daughter is about to start her own blog inspired on Sheologians and Apologia Radio. You have been a blessing to us.

  2. Theresa Miller

    And yet you could have heard crickets chirp thru the protests after Trump funded Planned Parenthod with 500 Million on this last bill. It has been said that the evangelical voters are those responsible for putting him in office and it can also be safely said that many of them did so because of his proclaimed pro life stance. It also would not be wrong to say that many felt like Obama was less than truthful. And yet here we are with a President who professes to be a Christian who is pro life… not only breaking the promise to de-fund abortion… but breaking the promise to de-fund it in his first 100 days. There was not a peep from his evangelical base. They have not wavered in their support and it was even reported that his support numbers are going up. There is something very very wrong with that.

  3. JAMES

    please give a share button for LinkedIn as well
    and if possible please write on Quora and Medium

  4. Luke

    It is very sad that modern feminism is not pro life. For the first century of feminism, every feminist, without known exception, was pro life. Feminists from the 19th century and early 20th century knew it was inconsistent to fight for the rights of an oppressed class (i.e. women), and not fight for the rights of other oppressed classes (I.e. babies). The things that feminists say today would probably make their feminist for The things that feminists say today would probably make their feminist foremothers gag.

    • Joni

      Actually Margaret Sanger was a pioneer in the feminist movement, and she was also a pro abortion woman.

  5. Sarah

    One of the most mind blowing episodes yet. I knew that I was unsatisfied with the pro-life movement in it’s slow and timid ways especially through pregnancy centers but I couldn’t figure out what the alternative could be. Thank you for fighting this good fight!

    Also, man I wish I could hang out and talk with you ladies! Fierce and fun all in one. God bless you.


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