It’s the month where love is celebrated, so of course we are here to discuss how much of a downer unfulfilled and ungodly relationship expectations can be! Most of our listeners already understand, believe, and endorse what Scripture has to say about love and marriage. But we think it’s always a good time to remind ourselves what love is, and why we shouldn’t embrace a worldly standard of love in our own relationships. 


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7:00 It’s the month of love, so here we are talking about love & how relationship expectations are a great relationship killer.

10:55 Is love an emotion or an action?

13:50 What are some markers of feelings-based love?

17:20 What are some of the best gifts you can get from your husband on Valentine’s Day?

20:30 What is marriage for and how should it impact us relationally?

25:28 What is your favorite super cheesy love song?




  1. Julianna

    Hmm I’d have to say my favorite funny/cheesey love song is “Over The Moon” by Future Folk and my favorite serious song is called “Duet” by Penny and Sparrow. And an honerable mention would be “Whiskey and Wine” by Tow’rs.

  2. Jessica Wolfe

    Ever since I listened to this episode, I have ?”What is love? Baby’s don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more. “ ? stuck in my head!

  3. Tess Cooper

    When Summer said “don’t be a loser” on Valentine’s Day, I literally spit out my cheerios!


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©2021 Sheologians

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