Reformed Christianity has stereotypes that are often true. We really like the Puritans. We are very interested in doctrine. We aren’t great at Twitter. We don’t clap. We are the “frozen chosen”. 

Today we want to discuss joy—what it is, why it is a Christian duty (read: privilege), and why, if we are bad at being a joyful people, we should work to change that. After all, is there really a tension between being sober-minded and being joyful? Let’s chat!

Stick around after that discussion because Joy brought a Feminist of the Week to the mic that has us discussing God’s standards of justice (again!). 

Episode Navigation

3:00 Your weekly update on Georgia’s developmental progress. 

6:00 Random Sheologians housekeeping updates. 

8:50 Why are we talking about joy? 

11:45 Is there truly tension between being sober-minded and being jovial?

15:00 Is there a difference between “joy” and “happiness”?

22:20 What is our duty regarding joy?

35:19 We bring the Feminist of the Week back and Joy really dug us up a doozy this time!


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  1. Tosca Ferndale

    This episode.

    All of the yes! Thank you


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