James tells us to “count it all joy” when we fall into various trials. The Bible promises that the Christian life will include suffering & temptation, and it is not blind to the fact that we deal with indwelling sin, and the sin of others against us. Yet we are called to live joyfully, and joy is a fruit of the Spirit. So what should do we do when we just aren’t feelin it?

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2:00 Being friends is like dipping your hands into a large bag of uncooked rice & sometimes laughing so hard that you get a little sweaty.

6:15 Anxiety is a kill-joy & the world we live in is so affected by sin that even the plants are trying to kill us.

10:00 Being joyful should be one of the marks of the Christian life—but joy and happiness are not the same thing.

15:00 The more you grow in the knowledge of the Lord, the more you will have joy in who He is.

17:20 True joy is not unattainable, even if you feel like it is.

22:30 There is a recipe for making joy unattainable & it can be repented of.

25:20 Don’t fall for the small, shelf-life of your counterfeit idols. Get in the Word daily! You do not need to be Spiritually starved.

31:46 The Feminist of the Week is everyone in this terrible story.



  1. Carla Brown

    Can we nominate for feminist of the week, because Rachel Notley (the government leader of the province of Alberta) really fits the bill. She got a law passed that makes it illegal to “harass” women outside of of abortion clinics. The party would not respond to my request for proof of said harassment actually happening. I believe the law passed and now clinics have a safe space around them. I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s just a farce.

  2. Rebekah Flanagan

    This podcast was so great! It just backed up all of my initial thoughts. I was still trying to control the anxiety and level of joy, with NO success. This was an answered prayer for encouragement. Thank you, girls.

    • Katie

      Thank you for sharing these truths! I am pregnant and was having a “cry for no reason” kind of day, and as I sat trying to wade through my emotions, I kept going back to counseling myself with the truth you all shared…who is my God! Reminding myself of His attributes of faithfulness, goodness, sovereignty, etc., really helped me to ground my thoughts and pull through. I appreciate you all so much and your dedication to share truth!


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