The last time we sat down to record, Joy was still pregnant, ReformCon hadn’t happened yet, it was still 115 degrees outside, book club hadn’t started, and we adhered to justification by faith alone. All of these things have changed in the last several months except for one, and if you’re an honest person, you know which one it is! 

Recorded from our respective couches in different states (which hopefully explains why the audio quality isn’t the absolute best), we were so excited to just be recording again! We ended up launching into a few different topics we didn’t quite foresee, but we hope you are encouraged as we chat about faithfulness during the holidays, new motherhood, thankfulness, and the Christian worldview. Join us!

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2:30 Summer explains how close she lives to snow, and that leads into a discussion about the holidays we didn’t plan on. 

18:09 Joy tells us one of her biggest takeaways from new motherhood, and that leads us into a discussion about what kind of thanks we should expect from others.
27:30 Our listeners get $10 off a beautiful planner from with code SHE10. Go here to buy one!
31:25 Summer gives an update on how our first book club went & why it was so encouraging. We also discuss what is next for Sheologians Book Club and what we think about Kanye.



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©2021 Sheologians

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