A common refrain you’ll hear from us is that God’s standards are best. As believers, we must live as though God has spoken and what He commands has a real-time effect in our lives. SINCE God has spoken, we must act accordingly.  So what does it mean for believers to live under God’s law? Since the law cannot justify us, why should we still care about God’s law? Jeff Durbin joins us to help us think about God’s law and how we can say with the Psalmist that it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!

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1:30-19:43 We discuss how we met Jeff, what it’s like for Dr. White to look over his glasses at you, and what happens when you see a scary movie with Jeff Durbin.

19:44 Why do we want to have this discussion now?

22:35 What does it mean that Jesus did not abolish the law, but fulfilled it? What is the assumption of continuity of God’s law?

48:32 A discussion of Isaiah 42 and God’s holy standards.

52:22 How should the law convict us as believers?

1:04:02 Why we MUST have the right perspective of the law of God, and a warning against where we can go horribly wrong.



  1. Laina

    I’m one of those people! I found Sheologians because a friend posted about it on Instagram and I was in search of more podcasts. I immediately became a fan and have been so encouraged and challenged by each episode! I am also so thankful for a wealth of resources and knowledge now at my fingertips that I had no idea existed! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Kerese L Prince

    Thank you so much for doing this topic. I needed to to hear this and didn’t know it.
    Much love and God bless.

  3. Alexandra Buongiorne

    I just recently found your podcast. And I just love it so much. It’s so refreshing to listen to two women who are my age and who understand how difficult it is, as a Christian, to keep the standard of Christ in day to day life while being bombarded by so much confusing ideology. You have opened my eyes and answered questions I didn’t even know that I should have been asking. Thank you so much for being a force for God.


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©2021 Sheologians

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