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00:20 Summer scares her dad away with this week’s “she”

4:00 Summer introduces why in the world we did this episode.

8:00 Some non-American-centric info about Islam.

12:45 What does it take to engage with Muslims? How does our view differ from people outside of the USA?

17:00 This seems pretty basic but seriously….why should we dialogue with Muslims?

22:00 What are some of the existing barriers between us and Islam? What can we do about them?

25:00 What is some of the fruit of opening these doors?

26:50 What are some of the basic beliefs of Islam that are antithetical to the Gospel and the person of Jesus?

32:00 Can you be prepared to talk to a Muslim if you don’t spend a ton of time studying Islam?

41:00 Summer introduces the Feminist of the Week….a man riding in women’s cycling and got not-as-good at it because of estrogen.



Dr. White’s book we referenced a million times: https://www.amazon.com/Every-Christian-Needs-About-Quran/dp/0764209760

Dr. White/Yasir Qadhi dialogue: https://vimeo.com/201076300

Liberal lesbian Camille Paglia’s comments on the cultural collapse inherent in the transgender movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8BRdwgPChQ



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©2021 Sheologians

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