Rachel Jankovic is here to talk with us about the topic of her newest book, “You Who: Why You Matter & How To Deal With It”. It leads us down several worthwhile rabbit trails: what is the relationship between obedience to God and joy, and how often do we apply this knowledge? How should we view ourselves? What does worship have to do with identity? How can we encourage women to be their “truest” selves? What does existentialism have to do with me if I’m not an existentialist? Do we rightly pursue pleasure and joy? Rachel serves up a serious heart-check and encouragement-fest in this one!

“You Who: Why You Matter & How To Deal With It” is available exclusively from canonpress.com until December 12th. The rest of the world has to wait until January 15th, so grab your copy now, just in time for Christmas, or you have to wait until 2019!

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2:00 Weird insecurities about dresses and finding proper “hers”.

9:50 We finally get around to today’s interview [kind of], you can just skip to this part if you hate laughter.

12:00 Why are we still talking about identity?

14:40 Does existentialism really affect me today?

20:04 How much does it really matter if we invest a lot of time into our Pinterest vision boards?

22:45 What does it mean to base your identity in Christ?

26:30 If God loves me, how can “this” be happening to me?

30:15 Does your aging body upset you? What does it have to do with identity in Christ?

37:16 How do we disciple women who might feel “trapped” where they are?

50:00 If we want be joyful, if we want pleasures forevermore, how should we live our lives?



  1. Adam

    This episode hit the heart of our conflict with God, and the good news of His solution and resolution.
    We all need this message on auto repeat in our heads all the time. It was excellent and captured God’s plan for us in a clear way.

    -Thank you and shalom

  2. Sharon

    Speaking of Greek deities… did you know Hermaphrodite was the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite? That’s why the name is like that. It’s both names put together into one LOL

  3. Freyja

    I work in missionary candidature, preparation and care, and I recognise the same sort of pattern when we talk about ‘calling,’ which is not a term I use anymore. If someone senses their calling is to Turks in Turkey, but then their visa is revoked, what then? Or a health challenge means you have to return to your passport country? We try and use terms like ‘assignment’ rather than ‘calling’ because it is too close to identity. Our identity needs to be rooted in Jesus first and foremost.


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