Both Gandalf and Underoath have told us that walking out of our front doors is a “dangerous business.” Neither of them foresaw a day when we could walk out of our front doors without leaving our couches. Social media has changed the way we interact forever. Today we chat about what it means to mind our own business while also being Christians on the internet. What has Scripture told us about minding our own business? How do we love others well without knowing at least some of their business? And how can we, people busy on social media, say this without becoming hypocrites?

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4:00 Target is a love language.

6:00 We need to talk about Keanu Reeves.

14:20 Why are we talking about this?

21:20 How do we sort through this mess? 

27:00 How do we choose show topics?

31:00 How do you decide when something is your business or not?


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  1. Krystal

    Super duper convicting! A matter of priorities. I am supposed to be minding my affairs. Faithful to God – Husband – Kids – Church…. I needed to hear this for sure.

    Ps… we and Taryn


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