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2:45 The Southern Ocean is not a real thing

5:21 Joy introduces the wonderful Steven Bancarz

6:01 So, who is the New Age Jesus and what’s wrong with him? Is he dangerous?

13:30 How has the New Age view of Jesus begun to impact the church?

18:28 Is anything inherently demonic about New Age practices?

20:45 Steven explains exactly what yoga is. We expect many emails.

27:21 What do New Age beliefs and Feminism have in common? Steven becomes our new favorite guest in one sentence.

30:00 Why should Christians care about the roots of New Age practices?

32:45 Scripture makes a connection between drug use and the supernatural.

42:00 Steven discusses biblical healing versus New Age healing.

49:15 Has Steven run into Sye Ten Bruggencate at the maple syrup store?

51:15 Why would Steven hug his cat?



  1. Valerie Hubbard

    Great show on the New Age and Christianity. I am really interested in this topic because my father is a Reiki Master and deeply involved in the New Age and occultism. I am so sharing this show.

    • Independent Thinker

      This is a real woman of God and her website is packed with good information for anyone looking to know more and grow in truth.

  2. wanda

    I agree with the things that you share about yoga but many don’t practice any of those things. I have a class at my house weekly. We don’t do meditation, chants or any of the things you mention. We strictly do the stretches and exercises. We do not end with Namaste but with Shalom. I have had specific talks with my instructor as why I’m not ok with any of those practices. I am a bible believing Christian and did much research on the topic. I don’t go to other classes or retreats because of those reasons.

    • Adrienne Wilson

      It doesn’t matter that you don’t do the poses with the intention of worshipping other deities/gods… the poses in themselves are intended to bring u closer to said deities/gods. U can not practice yoga & be a bible believing Christian. U are unknowingly worshipping other deities whether u intend to or not.

      • Wille

        I totally agree.

  3. Jackie

    I listened to this podcast and was very disappointed. I was expecting more factual information regarding New Age and Christianity, and this podcast was completely based on their personal opinions. Additionally, Steven Bancarz makes an incredibly nasty comment about feminists saying that no man is interested in marrying a woman who is a feminist. The two women in the show just laughed along with him. The whole basis around Christianity is to love, isn’t it? How was that loving or kind? It makes me sad that these individuals seemed to miss that in this podcast entirely and I won’t be subscribing to them any time soon.

    • Independent Thinker

      Actually Steven is right about feminist because they don’t represent the majority of women that is the majority of feminist today and are selective with things that outrage them while turning a blind eye to other things that hurt real women but only because they don’t agree with them, those are the feminist I’m talking about who also don’t even act like a real lady and true no man would want to marry someone like that.

  4. Mikayla

    So, I thought this guy was awesome, and after hearing the podcast I check out his site. He is not afraid to call out some of the stuff in evangelicalism that is tainted by culture like the New Age movement (or feminist movements etc)! (I think this is a more personal interview with him – and he should be able to share what he believes without being ridiculed, whether one agrees or not.) But, anyway, as Christians, maybe we are taking some of these New Age practices at face value and not actually figuring out what it is New Agers believe… I say if you listened to this, you should go look at his website.

  5. Mark

    Steven Bancarz lately seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth……….On the one hand, he purports to expose the dangers of the New Age, and yet on the other hand, he embraces New Age “teachers” who have infiltrated mainstream “christianity”, individuals like Todd White, Patricia King, and so on. C’mon, Steve, pick a side, or don’t, but don’t pretend to expose the New Age on one side of the fence while endorsing imposters within the Church on the other side of that fence………….

    • Catlin

      Actually he doesn’t endorse Todd White, in fact he’s written a large post on his Facebook page exposing him so there must be a misunderstanding here.

      • Ruthie

        He doesn’t endorse any of the people you mentioned; you should really do some research

  6. Merrilee Jane

    I just came across his testimony, today, which prompted me to Google him. I love that he seems to be a solid student of the Word and that he has called out what he has concerning New Age and the occult. He is very articulate. I am concerned, however, over an interview that he had with someone concerning continuationism. The interviewer appeared to be trying to apologize for his own (the interviewer’s) Southern Baptist background, and was wanting to experience more pentecostal experiences, which Stephen appears to believe in. Speaking in Tongues is one of those experiences. I didn’t agree with Bancruz’s attempt to support it with scripture. I can’t help but wonder what a conversation between Bancarz and JMac (Strange Fire) might look like. Hmm.

  7. cassie

    For those claiming that they do yoga but only the exercise part,well I have news for you. It is all demonic,stretches and all. Each position is a salute to a hindu god. That is why you research properly. They are part and parcel of the same practise. When you do any yoga activity, you are still worshipping a hindu god. There is a bigger picture. Do not practise it simple. Obey the LORD your God,simple.

  8. Elle

    Some nasty talk coming from Steven Bancarz! He claims to talk on behalf on all men. Men don’t like that! Well any woman with sense would not date an egotistical,lying, narcissist. The fact that a woman has lowered herself to be your gf is alarming in itself and so is your telling women to be quiet and submissive. Excuse Us woman have a voice and we will use it. We are allowed. You Mr Bancarz are disgusting and rude. You are controlling and probably abusive too. But your gf was stupid enough to sign up for that. You are arrogant, You are a narcissist and you are being supported by two rude unattractive women who are equally narcissistic. God wants us to be humble. But the three of you think because of all the knowledge you have acquired that you are above the law. Well you are not. Get over yourself. Thank you.

    • Daisy

      True that/

    • Willie

      “Some nasty talk coming from Steven Bancarz!” – Which part?

      “He claims to talk on behalf on all men.” – I am pretty sure that he is speaking on behalf of men that is in agreement with the general direction of this podcast.

      “Men don’t like that!” – Depends on if he is speaking the truth.

      ” Well any woman with sense would not date an egotistical,lying, narcissist.” – I totally agree with the statement. I am just a little concern of the context and insinuation.

      ” The fact that a woman has lowered herself to be your gf is alarming in itself and so is your telling women to be quiet and submissive.” – I am unsure if you and I have listened to the same podcast. I am guessing that the assumptions you are making regarding the guest and his girlfriend are born out of your feelings of his negative view of modern feminism.

      “Excuse Us woman have a voice and we will use it. We are allowed.” – I totally agree with your statement. Jesus used women to spread his message all through the New Testament. I would like to suggest to you that women are not only allowed, but expected to use their voice in service of Christ.

      “You Mr Bancarz are disgusting and rude.” – Now now miss. That is just name calling and not becoming of a follower of Christ. Maybe try to point out his err based on scripture and if he is a Christian, as he claims, he will repent. But remember when we correct fellow Christians we do it in love.

      “You are controlling and probably abusive too.” – Again, that is just a statement without pointing to anything he said. “Please read my previous statement.

      “But your gf was stupid enough to sign up for that. You are arrogant, You are a narcissist and you are being supported by two rude unattractive women who are equally narcissistic.” – Miss, I really don’t know how to reply to that. I am getting a little worried that you have a skew world view, that is not inline with how a Christian act inside the body of Christ.

      “God wants us to be humble.” – I would like to encourage you to take that mirror to your own words.

      “But the three of you think because of all the knowledge you have acquired that you are above the law.” – Again miss, if the three of them are in error, they need you to point it out based on Scripture. It is the loving thing to do.

      “Well you are not. Get over yourself.” – I completely agree with your statement. None of us are above the Law (Capitol L) and we all have to let the self serving “I” die. I also believe that this is the hardest thing a Christian have to do and we all need encouragement in the fight against our nature.

      If you are listening to this podcast, I assume you are a Christian. Please then read my comments in the manner I intended it, as one sinner to another, as a loving corrective.

      Thank you.

  9. Elle

    What makes Steven Bancarz think a woman would want a man who has his past (Greed,masturbation addiction,violent,theft,hate,cold hearted and so on) for a boyfriend. His GF might have lowered herself to accept that, but real women won’t accept narcissistic arrogance for a boyfriend.

  10. Linda

    Well, I joined up with the group on fb he had created, as a new Christian, and coming out of the new age. Short said the treatment I received from only post about my own experiences with God, within the church and biblical, was horrible. My post was immediately banned, and I was too. After that I was treated horrible and talked down to, and treated like nothing by bancarz himself. He defend others rude behaviour too.

    • Thinking

      I’m curious as to what you said exactly and was it actually him who said it?
      Can you remember what it was?


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