This week Joy and Summer discuss the pitfalls of popular chick lit and why it should be laughed off of bookshelves.



  1. Wendy Raichart

    Thank you, Ladies! I have never been into romance novels. Praise God! Btw I have only watched “Misery” because it gave me nightmares. I would like to say that it is a narcissist movie, just like the 50 Shades of Grey are. Of course you already know this.

  2. Kristina Bush

    As someone who was a huge Nicholas Sparks and Twilight fan this really just sums up my thoughts and convictions of the last year or so.

  3. Hilary

    Great podcast. I never really thought of “Misery ” as a love story. How sweet. I finally understand what is meant by “chick-lit” and agree totally with your valuation. It is a bit ironic that the feminist movement which claims to value women is a source for fueling these disgusting genres. The effect permeates the church and many women who are conditioned to think a relationship must be built on this affection that steals you heart and makes you weak in the legs Are missing out. The Christian love story is better than that but totally unappealing to the world. Does a man love the Lord more than he loves me? If so, and he is interested, consider him seriously. I do hope someone can write that story…

  4. Michelle

    Get to writing!! We need some SHE-SERIES!!!!! Lol!!!

  5. Casey

    I really loved the Twilight series until I found satisfaction in Christ. I felt like I could really relate to the Bella character because I was searching for something to fulfill my life. At that time I was searching for a guy that could make my life complete. It wasn’t until I really found my satisfaction in Christ, the one who can really fulfill you, that I saw the silliness of the books. If you are ever looking for a man to make you whole you will always be let down!! I am always blown away by the christian women who read garbage like “50 Shades”. I can not understand how women who claim Christ can read things like that and be okay with it.

  6. Renee emerson

    I’m a literature professor and Christian and love your podcast. I just had a conversation with my mother in law about why she shouldn’t read “the shack”– I’d love your opinion on that one, she wasn’t super thrilled when I called it heresy 😉

    I don’t write or read romance novels but I do write poetry —

    I know 99% of people hate poetry, but if y’all are interested in reading it, I’ll send you a copy.

  7. Christine Bubb

    My brother once said that he beleives even Christian romance novels can be like porn for women. Now, I’m one who adored Redeeming Love, however, you’re absolutely right that they set a totally unrealistic expectation of love and marriage! But like porn can destroy men’s realistic view of women and how they’re to be treated, romance novels do the same for women to men; really setting men up for failure because they didn’t chase us in the rain to beg for our forgiveness and profess their undying love and devotion to us for all of eternity! Guess this is one more thing I’ll have to be on the lookout for with my daughters!


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