1. Kaitlin

    She’s just another one looking for a payout from “Harpo Ministries”. Well groomed, boutique shopping, suburban women with those “accidental kitschy” selfies gaining a following online? Meh, nothing exciting or unusual about that. But, hold the phone, they identify as Christian, hate the Word of God and are totalitarians?! Plaster that drivel all over HuffPost stat! I have seen too many people so deceived by these liberal swindlers/hustlers, and usually they have ended up in deep Marianne Williamson/Abraham Hicks type of lunacy. Thank you Joy and Summer for standing up for the Truth! Very encouraging to all us ladies hoping to do the same!

    • George Falconer

      she has said that she thought she would be like Joyce Myer, but instead she has suffered. I also see that she was fired from her adjunct professors job and according to her, she was fired for who she is. I think that highly unlikely. The college would have known her theological position and they hired her. I think it much more likely that she was fired for her attitude toward well respected people who challenged her and she was aggressive. The college would not want such a reputation be rebound on them. I also see she was dropped from the christian bloggers network. I feel sorry for her as her husband is ill and I think she herself has not always enjoyed good health but neither of these is an excuse for twisting what the bible says to support her pre-concieved ideas and bear in mind that those who teach will be judged more harshly.

  2. Abilene

    Oh I am SO pleased to have found you guys! So much of what we consume here in South Africa is based on the “feely” gospel – especially when it comes to women who teach. Love listening to your podcasts – it’s like hanging out with favourite friends (giggles n all) but without an idle word being spoken. May God bless you and your ministry Joy and Summer!

  3. Bob

    Good work- keep it coming!

  4. Mike Moguin

    I’m pleased to see someone exposing this woman’s heresy. She is a threat to the true Body of Christ. Her followers share similar views and attack she retweets quotes from Rachel Held Evans and other vile heretics on a daily basis.

  5. Gloria Sigountos

    I have two criticisms and I hope they are constructive because I really don’t want to be all down on you guys, you’re awesome women of God and I want to encourage you both. the first is just that you are a bit all over the place and just dip into several topics rather than going deeply into any single topic. great topics: women in ministry, inerrancy. Yet rather than exploring the topics you just say your conclusion without having reasoned support of them. I’m not saying that your conclusions are wrong, just that if you are wanting to talk about theology than let’s talk about theology and why you’ve come to these conclusions. Second Please give resourses other than your dad. I get that he must be a pretty big fish in your circles but not so much outside of them. there are lots people who have written about the transmission of scripture including but not limited to: Lee Strobel, Josh Mcdowell, J. P. Moreland. Constantly referencing your dad but no one else makes it seem like you are not well read.

    I hope you revisit the views of women in ministry, or the ordination of women. because i think this debate is too often overly simplified. personally I grew up in a denomination that is completely egalitarian and during my studies I took two classes focusing on this topic and pretty much read every book read on the topic published between 1999 and 2005 (that is a slight exaggeration but those classes had more textbooks then most of my classes.) I have sense joined a denomination that is currently taking time to carefully examine the arguments using the lense of scripture, history, tradition, and culture to make the most informed decision.

    Personally after all the study that I have done I have to say that I agree with Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of the Eastern Orthodox Church when he says that the arguments on both sides are dissatisfying, so like him I side with tradition which is that women can’t be ordained to the priesthood.

    However at the same time, and this is something that gets overlooked so much in this discussion, there is a difference in the ways different churches view their leaders. Some have Priests, some have pastors, or ministers. All of which can mean different things and have different responsibilities. and so for some they see their Priest or Pastor as a representative of christ, from there it follows that the priest or pastor must be male because well Jesus was male. (of course then we have to deal with the question of why it is essentially important that Jesus had a penis.) other denominations see their Pastor or minister as a minister of word and table, and by that logic there is no reason why a women can’t be their pastor or minister.

    of course some of the Christian women in Jory Micah’s camp have had bad NT teachers and have come to the conclusion that Feminist Theologians come to which is that Paul must hate women but Jesus was totally cool with women. which is bad bible study. there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Paul on this topic along with what we see from the apostles in acts and Jesus in gospels.

    I see from your facebook page that this has continued to be an issue so I look forward to hearing and reading more from you both on it.

    • Summer White


      Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated. I’ll try to respond to everything brought up here.

      We hit a few topics and didn’t go deeply in to any of them on purpose. We are aiming to be a short podcast (although they keep staying around the 30 minute mark, which is too long, in my opinion). We have had some complaints that the show isn’t long enough but for the most part, our target audience does not have time for a regular length podcast and we want to cater to them. Our goal is not to be in depth.

      Sorry it rubs you the wrong way that I referenced my dad. It was mostly an inside joke. I don’t agree with Strobel 50% of the time. I’m pretty well read, but I’m also related to one of the best scholars on the topic so I will continue to use him as a reference. Or when I wanna tell a joke.

      We believe that the Scripture is clear on the topic of women in ministry and it’s been over-complicated, not over-simplified. We may touch on it again in the future, I don’t know. No plans as of now.

      Mrs. Peterson won’t be a person we continue to engage with.

      The point was to discuss (mainly) what is wrong with their line of thinking, which comes down to their low view of Scripture, and we do believe it’s that simple.

  6. Gloria Sigountos

    Summer, thanks for Responding, I didn’t know if you would sense I’m listening to back episodes.

    most podcasts I listen to are 30 min to and hour long. (well except for the Daily bread Episodes from Ancient faith Radio.) So If you are aiming for less it makes sense as to why you content isn’t as deep as I was hoping for. not a bad thing for you, it just means I’m not your target and that is cool.

    I believe you to be well read, (no one can have a parent in higher education and not be well read) and please forgive me if I implied that you weren’t. again I am on the hunt for a podcast that treats theology as much as a scholarly pursuit as a devotional one. being someone who is in real need of my academic muscles being stretched I would rather see multiple sources. but again if you are wanting to fall more on the quick devotional side of things great, I’m just probably not your audience. no biggy.

    As for the subtopic, that of women’s ordination, Fair enough. I agree that Mrs. Peterson and those like her do have a low view of scripture and that does influence their theology in very negative ways.

    I hope you keep doing what you are doing and that God blesses you and others through it.

    • Jennifer Bussey

      Gloria, you might add R. C. Sproule and William Lane Craig to your podcast list if you’re looking for in-depth discussions that have more of an academic flavor. See what you think!

  7. Jennie

    Goodness thank you! In my opinion, as soon as a woman demands a steeple to preach the Word, she is losses all her credit. If you need a steeple to teach about Jesus, then you really just want attention. Not to mention all the white male privilege posts she writes mocking white males. Seriously? What family, father and male would ever want to attend a church led by a woman who generalizes all men and accuses them of not knowing about their privilege? My prayer is those woman never gets the chance to preach.


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