You’ve already heard one hundred discussions on the sin of envy and discontent that can spring up when you scroll on social media, viewing other’s so-called “highlight reel.” These are all well and good warnings. We ought not grow a sin garden full of discontent and envy. But if we aren’t growing a sin garden, what kind of garden are we growing? 

Women are made to be beautiful and to cultivate beauty. How do we grow it in a way that honors God? What do we do with all of this beauty? Let’s chat!


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  1. Joy

    Thank you for this episode! I would technically be considered an influencer based on the size of my account for homeschoolers and Christian motherhood. I have taken a break for several months because it can be so easily to fall into the trap of wanting praise or acknowledgement for post, and my goal is to encourage mothers and glorify God. This episode was really helpful as I consider going back to posting or not.


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©2021 Sheologians

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