In our final episode in this series, we discuss fearfulness. The helicopter mom. The scaredy cat. The woman that’s typically anxious. Why do women tend to be more fearful, or anxious, or depressed than men? Is there a way to address that? In a world that is legitimately scary, how can women provide special care to their husband and children that is both bold and thoughtful? Let’s chat!



  1. Lisa Slippy

    I listen to your podcast, and you often refer to “show notes” for books you mention and other resources. I hate to look so dense – but, WHERE do I find such things? I see nothing on this website. I’ve looked up to see if it is part of a youtube post. I follow you on Instagram, but still just not finding any show notes. Thank you for help with this.

    • Kayla

      I’ve actually never heard them talk about show notes. I don’t think they do show notes beyond just a summary of the episode. But show notes are typically in the description of an episode on whatever podcatcher app you use. So if you listen on Apple podcasts or Castbox or Spotify, show notes refer to the description that corresponds with the episode.


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©2021 Sheologians

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