Isn’t it so awkward to see women who refuse to dress their age? Of course, dress is mostly subjective (but not really). Isn’t it an odd thing to think we should be ashamed of how many years God gave us on Earth? 

 This week we think about some age-related issues. Since turning 30 this year, we have finally begun to think about what kind of “older” women we want to be. And oddly, we have a lot of thoughts about turning 30!


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 It’s a short episode, you can handle it!





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  1. Lisa E

    Today was the first time I have listened to your podcast. Thanks for the podcast on aging!!
    You had some great points!

    My thing about not wanting to get older, was that the body is changing, less energy, and other physical things. But I am 62 – almost.
    And now I can thank the Lord for healing me from cancer years ago, for my wonderful husband and son, and other blessings!

    Thank you for reminding us to be in God’s word. That is so very important! Ps. 129:11
    Thanks again! I’ll enjoy my upcoming birthday more!


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©2021 Sheologians

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