This week Joy and Summer discuss secular art and the Christian, followed by the most epic game of Soundtracking ever.



  1. Mo

    Oh, I thought the discussion was just getting started and then… it was over. I was hoping you’d at least talk about “Wall-E.” I know some people called it an environmental screed. But I didn’t find that aspect of it as preachy or insufferable as I expected. It ended up becoming one of my favorites. So much so that I have two stuffed Wall-Es sitting on my sofa right now. Yes, I am in my 40s. No, I have no children.

    I am glad I am not the only adult who cries at kids’ movies, especially the Pixar ones. I also cried at “Inside Out.” But the “Lava” short that they played before it destroyed me more than the movie did! All the “Toy Story” films make me bawl. Same with “Finding Nemo.”

    Christianity/Christians and the arts is one of my favorite topics in the world. One thing I wish Christians would understand is that just because it has a good message does not make it a good movie! And just because you may have valid criticisms about the production values does not mean you “hate” the movie. I can’t stand that sort of silly, shallow thinking. But I have found it’s nearly impossible to even have this discussion. People cannot seem to grasp the difference between valid criticism and just bashing or “hate.”

    For example, I have not seen the movie, “The War Room.” All I knew about it was that it was a Christian movie. A friend of mine mentioned she’d seen it, so I was asking her what it was about. All she could tell me was that it was about prayer. And about a struggling (?) marriage. That’s it. She kept going on about what a “good Christian movie” it was, but couldn’t give me any details on what the STORY was actually about. And she got snippy with me when I kept asking, “What do you mean, it’s about prayer? What about prayer? What was the plot, the story, about?”

    And that’s about the depth of many Christians’ thoughts on the arts. As long as it has a good Christian message, it’s a good movie. Even if it has terrible acting, writing and production quality, you dare not say that or else you’re “hateful” or not supporting it. Or worse, you are working against God because He can use this in people’s lives.

    So many Christians these days cannot – no, they will not – think on any deeper level than that. I find attitude this both horrifying and insulting to my intelligence.

    And then we wonder why our culture is the mess that it is.

  2. Julie

    What do you consider art? Are u talking movies? What about 2 or 3 design, paintings, ceramic art? Functional? Everything is designed with a purpose by the designer. Is craft art???
    Sounds like you a r talkin literary art.

  3. Sarah

    I enjoy sound tracking! 🙂 It’s definitely a game that I’ve played in my head before, and now I have a name for it. Your sound tracking stories are always much more in depth and interesting than mine. 😀


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