Kinda sorta as a continuation of our conversation around principles versus methods we dive into what is hopefully not a semantic game to discuss the line between being unpleasantly picky and having genuine preferences. As always, our goal is to be women who are interesting, interested, and not difficult to be around. Join us!



  1. April Y.

    Thank you ladies for challenging me to be interesting & interested in others! I noticed that you ended this episode with a song that I recently told my thirteen yr. old that I didn’t think she should be listening to it. But now that you’ve played it I feel like I can give her permission to listen to it. Haha!

  2. Sabrina


    Summer, GIRL! the open concept kitchen hospitality struggle is real! I have much anxiety about have a nice serving presentation and flow while also preparing the meal and dealing with the dishes:)

    I have a nice little system for handling this, where I only do chopping or meal prep in one little corner and leave the rest of the kitchen for serving. I also try to have ALL other dishes washed and put up before I start with the actual meal, THEN I quickly shove the “new” dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I cook

    My husband is an AMAZING cook so he ofter cooks for our gatherings and I just walk around behind him cleaning lol. I also have to not be PICKY (see what I did there) if he preps wherever he feels comfortable. Sometimes managing my pickiness is a big part of how hospitality can be sanctifying for me.


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