She drops some real gems in this interview and we hope it will spur you on to wanting to learn more about her insightful thesis and how we can reorient our lives toward Christ. Enjoy!!!

3:00 Voicemail stuff & we forget we are recording sometimes while we are recording.

6:40 We introduce you to an author we really wanted y’all to meet, and ask her why in the world she wrote a book about popes and feminists and she uses the word “helpmeet” a lot and it’s really refreshing.

13:00 Elise gives us a micro-history lesson on Catholicism that is actually crazy important to understanding some of our own current presuppositions about womanhood.

23:40 What does the Catholic church have to do with modern feminism?

27:20 Elise asks a very obvious but very important question about how we orient ourselves.

35:00 Missions and motherhood….opposites in kingdom value, or not? Cultural mandate, or what?

37:10 Joy dubs feminism “do your own lady thing.” Don’t miss it.

38:00 Summer asks an annoying question, because duh.

49:00 The girls introduce the feminist of the week.


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  1. Laurie D

    A Baby Boomer favorite feminist song: I Am Woman by Helen Reddy.


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