The consequence of ideas cannot be overstated. Artists that draw graphic images of the female anatomy on sidewalks are hailed in the media has “empowering women” everywhere. Meanwhile, women in many countries are sold as child brides and sex slaves. Postmodernism has truly caused us to lose all meaningful definitions of empowerment and oppression. It’s not just on a global scale that we can see the damaging effects of the postmodern power narrative—it’s in our daily lives, too. So what’s the biblical answer? How should we be thinking of power, oppression, and victimhood in a God-honoring way?


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2:55 Puns. Pets. Battlestar Galactica.
5:27 The topic of our lives—postmodern power structures.
8:40 What is postmodernism and what does it have to do with someone who isn’t studying philosophy in university?
15:19 Why do we believe that secularists are obsessed with the “power” narrative?
21:14 Why do all of us naturally desire justice for the oppressed?
23:30 What is unbiblical about constant “empowerment” talk?
27:32 If someone else is responsible for your problems, its pretty freeing. But that makes you just like Adam.
31:20 What is the solution for oppression?
35:51 Why we think spending an entire episode on this topic is important and necessary.



  1. Amy Croft

    THIS is what you gals do best!! keep it up! great podcast!


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©2021 Sheologians

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