This week Summer and Joy tackle the idea of what is “lawful but not profitable” and how understanding what Paul meant in 1 Corinthians 10 frees us from having to wonder what God wants us to do in any given situation. Then they end with an enlightening round of Unrecommends and for some reason there’s a gong involved.

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1:10 Joy and Summer go Stranger Than Fictioning.
4:00 If you mop the floor, and then your kids walk on it before it dries, do they even love you?
5:45 Why “I’m fine” is actually a rational response, OKAY?!
7:50 Are we even serious when we say we are trying to figure out “God’s will” for our lives?
11:30 How can Paul say “all things are lawful” if sin is sin? Has God’s Word spoken on whether or not binge-watching Netflix is a sin?
16:10 How do you determine if obviously positive things (like adoption, or missions work) are a part of God’s will for your life?
22:05 What kind of thinking leads us to believe that God’s next blessing is just around the corner, all while missing the ones right under our noses?
24:10 Why is food a category that goes under “lawful but profitable/not profitable”?
34:17 We do a round of Unrecommends that includes unrecommending doing unrecommends. And no, you should not eat fish at a social gathering (is it even profitable????).



  1. Debbie Stafford

    I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Gods will is more like a trench than s tightrope. Keeping in the Word and being obedient to what it teaches with the help of the Holy Spirit is being in Gods will. This is rest and peace. Thank you ladies for your program. ??❤️D. Stafford Mesa AZ

  2. Yelena

    A sweet friend at our church has a great response to the “how are you” question: I’m doing better than I deserve. Great conversation starter 🙂

  3. Jenn

    I am a saved former Mormon. This podcast has been so helpful since I was taught to pray and wait for a feeling. I just wanted to say a hearty “thank you!” since I see this attitude in the body of Christ. While Mormons receive specific teaching to wait for feelings, it’s kind of just a cultural thing in many Christian circles and it’s not especially Biblical. Thank you again!

  4. Jayna

    I know I’m listening to this one a bit late, but I just gotta say, I wish had heard this so much earlier in my life. When it comes to major decisions (change of job positions, buying a house, friendship & family relationships etc) I’ve always been like “what does God want me to do? What is his will in this in situation? Does he want me to stay where I’m at to teach me something? I focused so much on the what if I disappoint him by making the “wrong” decision that I wasn’t seeing that I was giving too much credit to myself and not to God. God is going to use me and make his glory known in whatever I’m doing. My job is to make sure I’m glorifying him in the decisions I make, not to try and read his mind. A friend gave me some very similar advise about a year ago when I was trying to decide if I should stay in a current position or not and he just simply said “If you’re glorifying God, do what you want.” This podcast really helped to drive that point home and to really have it sink in. Thank you Summer & Joy! Appreciate you!


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