This week Joy and Summer are joined by their BFF Emily Thomes and she gives us her insight on how to deal with the secular worldview.



  1. Abby

    Where we put the her in hermeneutics…? 🙂

  2. Melissa Debruin

    I was glad to hear you say that homosexuality isn’t an identity, but a behavior, and we need to treat it like other sins, not elevate it.

  3. Nina

    Great episode!
    Ps. Todd Friel FTW

  4. Chris

    I just loved this episode. How could anyone not like this episode? I’m not saying that there are some people who don’t, but how dare they if there are. Awesome show, awesome guest. I KNEW I should have requested Emily on FB back when I had the chance… I… snoozed and losed? (or snost and lost?) That’s okay… you guys are great.

  5. Shaina

    ^ Right on, Abby. 🙂

  6. Mara-lee

    The banner at the top of this page advertises a veggie that helps with high blood pressure. Coincidence? I think not! Haha Keep up the glory to our God!


    Emily Thomes, thank you so much for clearly articulating how address sin as a ‘behavior’ instead as an ‘identity’. Joy and Summer……it wasn’t serious too long and I hearing some supporting theology to the concepts you are discussing would be appreciated. And who is George Strait?

  8. Mo

    Darn, this was too short! I started listening while making lunch and doing a few other things, and then I sat down with my plate and… it was over!

    I did love that it was straightforward. That’s how it should be. Sin is sin! Thank you for not buying into the world’s idea that this particular sin is someone’s identity. In a certain way, that’s true for ALL of us. But homosexuality is the only sin where people proudly claim that this is their identity.

    I would also love it if you could get Rosaria Butterfield on. I love how she approaches the issue as well.

    Extra points for Emily’s accent! I love it. One day I will move somewhere where I can pick one up. Right now… I am in Chicago. Sigh.

  9. Genie

    Like this episode! But have to question..are we really going to talk about zodiac signs? Not so sure that was helpful. Loved your guest!



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