This episode is all about that doctrine of repentance. First, Joy talks us through how to determine when, how, or if repentance has to take place in an interpersonal relationship between us and another believer. Did this person sin against us? When do we forbear and when do we confront? Then we talk about the root of the word repentance, and what it should look like in a believer’s life. How can repentance be both a command and a gift from God? There’s a lot to dig through here, so buckle up!

We are aware that a lot of discussion has gone on lately regarding national repentance. This episode is not a response to that discussion. We understand that there is a small portion of our listeners who will assume we are taking a shot at Thabiti Anyabwile and his post-MLK50 commentary but honestly….how could we? We haven’t even laid the groundwork for what repentance is and what it requires of us in so many of our evangelical corners. Although we touch oh-so-briefly on the concept of “national repentance”, to tackle such a topic well or fully would demand its own episode. We do believe that national repentance is a Biblical concept, and our nation is very much in need of it in more than just one area. Maybe we will delve in to that worthwhile discussion at some point!

Episode Navigation

3:40 We discover that Taylor Swift thinks that speaking slowly makes things quiet.
9:02 An awkward transition to this episode’s topic—the doctrine of repentance.
13:00 Joy talks us through sin, forgiveness, and forbearance in our daily relationships.
20:30 What does the Greek word for “repent” mean? What divides repentance from confession and apology?
30:12 Repentance is first and foremost required because God is holy.



  1. Yolandi

    Thank you so very much for this episode on Repentance.
    Your show is such a blessing and so encouraging.
    Please if I may ask people to pray for the Christians struggling with complex trauma? That brokenness has A LOT of deeply rooted personal sins (disobedience).. and delusions that first need to be torn down by our gracious God.

    Thank you & God bless.

  2. Lory

    You two make me giggle. I am 3 minutes into it and posting a comment. I love you two. Ok. To settle the issue, 5 GUYS!!!!!!



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