REPLAY: In this episode from 2019, Summer and Joy discuss where the enneagram came from and why it matters. Since Christians are using this as a tool to deal with their sin, understand themselves, and build their relationships, there is no question that it matters. What we found was nothing short of shocking and concerning. If you’re wondering “what’s the harm?” this episode is for you!


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Beginning-ish: Joy’s gender and baby name reveal + why the desert is amazing.


15:00: Why are we talking about the enneagram? Where did it come from?


48:00—the end: Why does it matter?


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  1. Jayne Morgan-Holland


    Astrology is an occult practice, so identifying that as an associative thing to Ennaegram is pointing out that it’s a similar deal.

    No matter what anyone says, like astrology it’s pseudo science and is proven by actual science to be garbage. It completely debunks it’s “so called” basis in fact. The barnum effect works in both schools of astrology and the enneagram.

    I’m a Dedicated Christian Wife and Mom, I’d in no way going to stay from Biblical Principle. If any Christians do then they’re simply not aligned with God.

    I’ve had dealings with occult practice, I knew people also involved with occult beliefs, I was also a Mormon up until I was 26. Unless you have experienced Cult association and occult experience you can easily be suckered in to trash beliefs.


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