Have you ever meditated on the fact that Jesus knew Judas was stealing from him, and was going to betray him, and yet no one else knew? When Christ announced that one of the twelve would betray him, they were all so bewildered that they asked, “Is it me?” (Matthew 26:22). This means that although Jesus was well aware that Judas was sinning against him, Jesus did not live a life of bitterness and resentment toward Judas that would have let others know there was a problem. We know how the story ends. The relationship between Judas and Jesus did not end with forgiveness and reconciliation.  What an amazing example we have in our savior! He was betrayed by a close friend, but he did not sin.

So often we find ourselves unwilling to live a resentment free life because of the wrongs done to us. But we are called to die to self and live like Christ, who did not drown in resentment toward all the wrong done to Him, but entrusted himself to the Father. If we want to know what resentment free living looks like, we must look at his example and apply his ways to our lives. When Jesus knew that he would not be reconciled to Judas, we know he did not act sinfully toward Judas in thought or action! 

In this episode we want to think through the application of God’s commands to live free from bitterness and resentment. Join us! 




  1. Celia

    Hi this podcast is really helpful, thanks for this, please ignore the email I sent you it was before listening to the podcast <3

  2. Gia French

    You need to watch that film, “Yes you, Mrs. White!”


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