Sometimes our blind spots aren’t obvious because we aren’t looking for them. Sometimes our blind spots are the result of a hardened conscience.  And sometimes we engage in sin and refuse to call it what it is. No matter what it is, it is our job to go war with sin, no excuses.


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2:03 The thing that annoys me that it is annoys everyone.

15:30 A warning before we talk to the ladiesssssss.  
18:35 The sin of always being the main oppressed character.
26:32 Going to war with apathy.

42:00 Emotional immaturity and emotional strength.

50:56 Raising Christians….in name only. 




  1. Maria

    Love this!! Very convicting and makes me think a lot more about my life patterns.

    Thanks ladies!

  2. Emily

    This topic could not have come at a better time. I’ve been struggling with being faithful in areas of my life (i.e. reading my Bible, working out, even eating healthy) and I have excused it away as a lack of “motivation” and waiting until the time when I am motivated. I have been so blessed by this episode. There are too many things we excuse away and deem “acceptable” by secular standards driven by emotional tugging of the heart strings or “head petting”.

    Thank you both for continuing to bring to light these heart issues – I have really enjoyed these episodes.


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©2021 Sheologians

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