In this episode we answer some voicemails, messages, and emails we have received in the Sheologians inbox. Sometimes, the messages we get require a bit more than a typed response, and sometimes voicemail requests for episode topics are more of a quick conversational answer. So we scattershot answer your inquiries today in a way that we hope is helpful. Some of the questions include:

 Will you address Rachel Hollis’s divorce?

What does biblical submission ACTUALLY look like?

Is there a place for shutting up and listening to POC? 

Join us!




  1. Lori S.

    Per the beginning of your podcast- While I’ve got a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, it is a profound and common occurrence that MANY children are not textbook-friendly! Therefore, as an educator with 20+ years teaching, but not blessed with her own children, I will usually yield to the parent, because during the school day, I’m responsible for them, their education, and well-being, I am NOT their parent. Being a public school teacher and a Christian, it’s getting to be a little more blurred at times as the school system feels more and more responsible in areas that are beyond the school day. However, unless it’s a blatant situation where child welfare/social services is involved, I’m not hesitant to keep parents informed on how their child is doing in my class, praise or concern.

    Also, Summer, there are MANY people, including my own sister who loves her children dearly and is raising them “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,” but are not kid people, at least other kids. You’re fine, girl! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Laura Huizenga

    Guys (ladies)! Bert — of Bert and Ernie — was an avid pigeon-lover. Come on! ??

  3. Hailey Rose

    Oh my gosh. I’ve tie died hoodies, sets of tshirts and shorts/tights, overalls, bandanas………. I too want to live the tie dyed lifestyle Joy! Especially when I’m home working from my couch right now I’m always in tie dye!

  4. Connie

    Joy was camping in Okla recently?!?!? I’m guessing you were in an RV cause it’s so hot here! We camp in Colorado or New Mexico during Oklahoma summers! 🙂

  5. Ashley

    Do you mind sharing the resources you mentioned re: tattoos? This is something I’ve been very interested in learning more about. Thanks!


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