When we began to plan for a breakout session at ReformCon—our first scheduled speaking appearance together!—we mulled over a few topic ideas, and eventually landed on the topic of self-care because it’s something we never wanted to discuss on the podcast before. Makes total sense, right?

In a way, the topic of self-care fit in exactly right with the topic of the conference, “Reformation & the Public Square”. What is one way to keep women from being effective for kingdom work? Keep them focused on themselves! Tell them to abandon their duties and search for rest outside of Christ. Want to stop a Reformation? Take out the women. 

Fair warning: this was a live session with a live audience, and our producer cut out the part where we opened the floor for audience questions (the audience didn’t have a microphone), so it ends rather abruptly. Enjoy! 


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  1. Katie

    Thank you! I was just contemplating if I should comment on a facebook post where someone wrote about needing self care – it was a very selfish, Christless post. So, I just posted a link to this podcast 😉 and suggested they take a listen.

    I loved the way you balanced the idea that women work hard – but that doesn’t mean we need to get our nails done when we start blowing fuses. 😉 The last few years God has been reminding me that life is hard – but life is good (because God is good). It’s my life motto.


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