By way of apology for putting this discussion off for so long, we present to you the longest episode in our canon. And it is no wonder given that we are joined by our long-winded and wise friends from Cultish to handle this extremely sensitive topic. 

Saying the phrase “Multi level marketing” in a roomful of people is akin to dropping a stink bomb and everyone’s reaction tends to be extreme. Can we be balanced? Can we look at this on a foundation of God’s word? Yes, yes we can! Join us.



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  1. Stephanie Olander

    I think one reason you get emails is that you influence people not to purchase from network marketers and which effects the income we use to provide for our families. 99% of the people don’t make money because they are not trying to make money. They are just happy to be using the products.
    I started because I used to have migraines but now I don’t. And I’ve helped dozens of people do the same thing. Did the company ‘use’ you or were you sharing a product that helped your child and it helped them.
    We have clinical trials and it does work. So, the light you paint network marketing with isn’t really based in facts. It sounds uneducated. I am a pastor’s wife and have helped communities like the Navajo Nation with my products.
    If your Sheologians, where is you Biblical basis for your opinions.
    There are cultish MLM’s but that doesn’t mean they all are. There are reputable companies who are simply using the Network Marketing business model. Pyramid schemes and Network Marketing is not the same thing. Pyramid schemes are illegal. There are ways to build a Network Marketing business in a completely Biblical framework.
    I’m a firm believer in the opportunity for a mom to stay home with her kids and build a network marketing business.
    Want to talk to some women who have been successful without being “Cultish”? I work with other women who are committed to their health and their families. I was able to pay cash for my son to go to Arizona Christian University and then Phoenix Seminary.
    I agree with the idea that women are easily influenced and that a lot of the self development can be New Age. The caution that people need to hear is that Network Marketing can be good and there are ideals to look for in the company.
    I have made a lot of money and have made a lot less. I knew that going in. The economy is a challenge and I’ve had the choice to pressure my team or encourage them to do what’s best for them and ultimately to be obedient to God.
    The thing I take issue with in this podcast is that there are amazing people striving to bless others and provide for their families get swept out with the New Age, deceptive practices. You can be Salt and Light in this industry. The opportunities you have to share the gospel is incredible too.
    There are ethical standards and clinical trials that we use.
    I’m not trying to be defensive. You are talking about me. I am a network marketer by profession during this season of my life. There are people you are talking to who will be negatively influence.
    I used to have terrible migraines. I lost 5 + days every month to them. Network marketing ‘s reputation made me super skeptical. But I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding and I’d seen people be successful with this product. So I did it and it sincerely changed my life.
    You definitely had a negative attitude toward it and that does harm. You say you’re not here to check the boxes for me but you kind of made it sound impossible to be in Network Marketing and check the boxes.
    According to your standards should people go into real estate or retail? You go to work and sell products that someone else made and make money doing so.


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