The girls go off script this week as promised to discuss two of their favorite conspiracy theories. It’s not that we are conspiracy theorists, we just want to convince you that the Titanic didn’t actually sink and that Bigfoot is real. Or maybe we just want to explain why people believe in these crazy things in the first place. Or maybe we just like a good mystery and it’s the holidays, okay? Let us know what your favorite conspiracies are in the comments!

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2:00 Minutes of “she” and “her” references you’ll either cry laughing over or hit fast forward over.
4:00 An explanation of the great “smeavesdropping” debate.
5:30 Why are we discussing conspiracy theories anyway?
8:30 Summer explains her favorite conspiracy theory—that the ship that actually sunk in 1912 wasn’t the Titanic, but her sister ship, the very busted and beyond repair Olympic.
51:15 Joy explains the theory of Bigfoot and why it’s her favorite conspiracy of all.



  1. Kimberly Wood

    Quick comment from Ashland, Oregon Some year’s ago I had to take an anthropology class at Southern Oregon University and my professor made the statement that from a Native American perspective, whether Sasquatch is a physical being or a spiritual being is irrelevant. I’ll sent an email tomorrow with more of my thoughts on this as I do think this is a small piece of an issue many Christians refuse to consider, but should.

  2. Dona Becker

    That was such an interesting podcast. I learned a lot. So fun to listen to. Thank you for it. It also made me think of Isaiah 8:12 (NLT) “Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.

    BTW, I’m fairly new to your podcast. I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s so important that women know theology, after all we’re teaching the next generation. May God bless you both and continue to bless your ministry.

  3. Liv Bristol

    OK, I find the Titanic/Olympic very compelling. It doesn’t strike me as the run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory. I totally think Bigfoot(s) is a load of nonsense.

    But…what about the Loch Ness Monster? Or similar “monsters”…? Does anybody believe those exist?

    • Liv Bristol

      I am recanting my previous comments about Bigfoot…I’ve done some research and I don’t know what I think now. 🙂

      I apologize if my statement above was too strong; feel free to take my comment down or just leave it up as a reminder for me to be humble. 🙂

      • Liv Bristol

        Also, just to clarify so that no one things I’m crazy: *IF* Bigfoot does exist…it’s just an ape. Not an alien, not a missing link.

        I’m done commenting now. 😂

      • Liv Bristol

        I will just clarify that IF Bigfoot exists, it’s only an ape…not an alien, not a missing link.

        I am done commenting now. 😂

  4. Rita

    Regarding how the sailors could have missed the iceberg, look up cold water mirage. 😉
    There was some full-length documentary I watched, but I forget which streaming service.

  5. Rita

    Found it! “Titanic’s Final Mystery” on the Smithsonian Channel of Paramount Plus.


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