This week we want to get real with you about the Patriarchy. It’s out there, and you can fight it, but are you even sure what you’re fighting for? If the Bible says women must obey their husbands, and their husband is abusive/lazy/not leading, where does that leave women? Are we willing to admit that the first wave of feminists were responding to large-scale abuses by men? The answer is yes, and we are about to explain why!

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2:30 Why Joy doesn’t talk to you on Facebook.

4:06 If you ask a feminist what “the patriarchy” is….
14:00 First wave feminists were extremely invested in prohibitionism because of the prominence of the abusive, drunk man—but the first feminists weren’t particularly interested in God’s standards, anyway.
19:00 What would happen if the patriarchy was smashed? What is “toxic masculinity”?
21:00 An intellectually dishonest ditch we can all be guilty of but should really stop. Seriously. Stop.
22:00 The opposite of misogyny is NOT feminism.
24:00 Proper protections exist for women in the church from abusive men.
30:50 So what is “Biblical Manhood” anyway? What is an effeminate man? How have cultural concepts bled into how we think about this topic?



  1. Keith Watson

    For people with the time to listen to teachings on the Biblical roles of men and women, Pastor Jeff Pollard (who holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession Of Faith) has the following sermon series on SermonAudio. One is called “The Virtuous Woman”. Another is called “The Godly Man”. These Biblical teachings turned me from the Bible was then but this is now cultural mindset. Warning: these series are around 15 one hour sermons each. He also wrote a book called “Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America”.

    • Nick Ch

      Pollard’s book is his own twisted view, and is not based on Scripture. He states that “Bathsheba failed to govern her modesty.” This is no where to be found in Scripture. No where does it state Bathsheba was anywhere she should not have been, doing anything she should not have been doing, despite being completely nude, and visible to David. David’s sin is entirely his own, yet Pollard attempts to shift some of the blame to Bathsheba. He is adding to Scripture from his own worldview and is dangerously encouraging victim blaming in what is essentially a rape. Pollard re-writes Scripture to justify his own warped views. He should not be used as a resource.

  2. Lindsay

    Hi ladies! I appreciate so much of what you talk about on the podcast, esp. feminism. it is such an important subject. we should understand it.

    I’ve noticed there is a lot of emphasis placed on being part of a local church body. I do not do disagree with this. As believers we should long to be with God’s people. However, I think there are a few things you are not giving consideration to…
    – one can be part of a church with leadership elders/deacons/pastor and the people in these leadership positions do not always care enough about the people in the congregation to help them in their situations.

    – what if the person/people you are supposed to submit to are not walking in accordance to scripture? ex. unbiblical advice from an elder, a pastor who appoints unqualified people into positions of authority, etc.

    – scripture speaks of marriages, submission to elders, etc in the new testament. But what about the scriptures in the old testament specifically in psalms and prophets that speak against oppressive rulers? Isaiah 5, Isaiah 56, Jeremiah 23, Ezekiel 12, etc.
    How do you understand the new testament in light of these passages?

    Just some food for thought.
    Keep up the good work.

    Blessings in Christ <3

    • Mimi

      I had the exact same thoughts during the podcast. Some congregations are really cold and/or out of touch with their members, where the only source of help is law enforcement and social services.

    • Summer White

      Hi Lindsay and Mimi!

      As Joy said in the podcast, if you belong to a church where the leadership doesn’t lead, allows abuse to flourish, and refuses to protect its people, it’s probably time to find a new church. 🙂

  3. WPDesignDuo

    Well said Russel and my thoughts exactly. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was entertained, thrilled, engaged and on the edge of my seat. Welcome to the world of espionage and the brutal consequences of being a player. Nobody gives a Damon if you are a feminist. There are no free passes, entitlements or wage gap claims because you were accidentally born female in the world of espionage. I though Jennifer”s character did well to negotiate her fee from £30,000 to £250,000. No patriarchy or hierarchy involved, but rather an assertion of what she thought she was worth. Isn”t that empowering? It”s certainly refreshing and a pleasant change from the entitlement mentality of feminists who are unable to achieve in life based on merit. Well done Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton good job.

  4. Alyssa

    YES!!! Please do an episode in biblical womanhood! It would be so refreshing to hear a woman actually talk about it. I’ve only really heard it from men.

  5. Rebecca

    Was there an issue with the sound in this episode? It sounded very quiet and Summer sounded like she was super far away.

  6. Steve

    Thank you for the great podcast – I have to ask, is one of you vaping during the podcast? I swear with headphones it sounds like somebody keeps hitting a pipe.


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