This week we attempt a discussion about social justice as seen in pop culture. Captain Marvel and Us have dominated the box office in the past couple months. Both are heavily influenced by social justice narratives, and purposefully so. We think one executed its goal masterfully while the other one didn’t.  We also ask why Christians aren’t making films as captivating as ones with broken worldviews. 

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4:30 How DO you make a grilled cheese?

12:52 We discuss Captain Marvel & typical women’s representation here.

28:10 We discuss Us & the haves and the have-nots.



  1. Barbie

    K the cheese in the pan is actually delicious. However you’re both wrong. Here in Canadia, You spread the bread with the butter first. Butter in the pan… ??

    • Christine.

      Also butter on the bread in Ohio. Butter in the pan is only what you do when the knives are all dirty. Or all clean and you want to keep it that way.

      • Lori

        Hey guys loved this episode especially the grilled cheese discussion very inspiring 🙂 also interesting note if Allison (Bree Larson) didn’t give interviews to straight white men, I did see that she wanted women of color, but really who reviews movies? Especially Marvel movies? But maybe Alison didn’t do as many interviews and maybe the movie didn’t do as well because of her feminist views. Also the movie was lame because any time they try to force feminism, LGBTQ agenda, or any anti conservative agenda the movie sucks because they can’t just tell a story they have to beat us over the head…Wonder Woman is a great example of a great story with a female lead and her but the agenda is less heavy handed.

  2. Bill

    My nerdiness is showing, but Captain Marvel was a woman in the comics as far back as the 80’s. If anything, they might’ve taken a step back from the SJW culture because Captain Marvel was an African American woman.

  3. Kelty

    Okay, I had a good chuckle at the Kevin Costner is a bad actor bit. I was in middle school during KC’s heyday. Everyone was swooning over him when Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves came out but good grief! All I could see was that he was supposed to be in England and yet he was the only one speaking with a midwestern accent. Even Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater were attempting character-appropriate accents but Kevin couldn’t be bothered. Either that or his accent lessons went so badly that they just hoped no one would notice. SO TERRIBLE!!!

  4. Sherry McIntosh

    As Christian women we speak about how we get tired of this “empowering women” agenda the multi-media shoves down our throats, but what we often miss or don’t think of is how all of this kind of story telling/advertising, etc, demeans men and conditions them to laugh and applaud with everyone else at TV shows or at the movies at the degrading type of talk and actions aimed at their gender. And then we wonder why our men are more bitter, angry or distant. Thanks for bringing up another great topic of discussion.

  5. Ely Harris

    Love listening to you ladies! I’m curious, in this episode, you said that in the movie Us, you didn’t see the characters sinning. What are your thoughts on the language of the film? It used the f word almost 40 times and worse, the Lord’s name in vain multiple times.

    Maybe this would be a good conversation for an episode. Should Christians entertain themselves with films and media content with bad language and stark blaspheming of our Lord? Does consuming this affect our hearts, and/or the way we view sin and the gravity of it? Does it glorify God?

    • Summer Jaeger

      Hi there!
      There was a distinction we were making in this episode that isn’t exactly what you heard. We weren’t saying “the characters in this movie were righteous and not sinning.” We were saying that when actors have to take their clothes off and simulate sex, the actors themselves are engaging in sin. When an actor does something like pretend to kill someone–they aren’t actually killing someone. I’m not watching an actual murder take place. When actors portray sex, I’m watching something sinful take place because stripping on screen is a sinful act. Does that clarify what we were saying?


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