Sometimes we get absorbed by the task at hand. We pay our bills online and something fails along the way, so we spend hours on the phone with customer service hoping all of our abundant, clean water that appears to us on command might be shut off, while our toddlers remove all the tupperware from under the kitchen sink, and the doorbell is ringing because you now order all of your shoes and food online. The next thing we know, it’s noon, and the magic of everything that just happened has escaped you because said toddler needs lunch and you’re still in your pajamas. Miracles have happened but you’ve missed it.

Sometimes boredom is a failure of imagination, and sometimes boredom is forgetfulness. We forget we are on a spinning ball traveling 67,000 mph around another ball that’s made of fire, and everything you do with your hands happened because of electricity inside of your brain. There are billions of image bearers around us, all reflecting the glory of the Creator and getting up to some insane stuff. Not a second of it is boring. Even the shoes you ordered online, well, that was magical, too.
We decided to take a break this week and focus on two insane stories that prove that real life is more interesting and entertaining and reflective of our image-bearing than we often remember. So grab a blanket, cause this was a fun ride.

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3:00 Why would we go to Vegas anyway?

4:00 We are going off the wall. Again. As usual? Why do we think storytelling is important, anyway?

7:40 Joy tells the true story of a famous painter who faked famous paintings, and the guy who wrote the book on him lied, and the guy who covered that story…..well, he lied, too.
31:00 Summer tells the true story of the world’s best bounty hunter, a 4’11, 100lb woman named Michelle Gomez.



  1. Mikayla

    The Elmyr guy was so confusing to me so I looked him up on Wikipedia. It says, “While his homosexuality was proven over time, investigation into his past has shown the likelihood that he was at one time christened as a Calvinist.” Huh? That’s…interesting?

  2. Elise

    This art forger is basically Jay Gatsby!!


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©2021 Sheologians

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