Every now and again we just want to tell you a story about something that’s on our minds. What strange thing in the world have we been reading or watching documentaries about that we think is worth sharing?

Today Summer shares a true crime story that at some point or another might touch your life because Ayahuasca use is on the rise in the West. Soon, its use will be inescapable and it’s spiritual significance can’t be downplayed.

Then Joy brings up a topic we had truly never thought about in this way before: aquariums. What do they have to do with being made in the image of God? Let’s chat! 

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11:30 Summer tells her story about Ayahuasca tourism and its physical and spiritual dangers. Let’s put our Christian worldview glasses on for this one!

41:40 Joy tells us what is so magical about aquariums, why we have them, and what our worldview takeaway should be! 


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  1. Steve Rafalsky

    Thanks, Summer (and Joy), for the Ayahuasca story and warning. The bigger picture of which this is a part is that pharmakeia / sorcery / witchcraft has become mainstream in the U.S., and has powerfully impacted the collective consciousness of our society, even among those who have not directly participated in marijuana, LSD, mescaline, psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and other pharmakeia agents. There is an eschatological aspect to the use of these drugs also (I’m amil in my views.)

    I’m a retired pastor and church planter (almost 80 now) who came of age in the 60s Woodstock generation and am familiar with these drugs (though not Ayahuasca). I’ve written a lot on these and post some links both to a book on Amazon, and digital copies of that and a smaller booklet with three essays on the topic. (I don’t get royalties on the Amazon book, so as to keep the price low.

    Steve Rafalsky

    OUR SORCEROUS AGE: Prelude to Armageddon

    A Great And Terrible Love: A Visionary Journey from Woodstock’s Sorceries to God’s Paradise

    Paperback: http://amzn.com/0983519498


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