If you’ve ever thought that humans hate submission, hopefully 2020 cleared the mascara from your lenses thoroughly. We LOVE submission. The government said, “Submit!” and man, we sure did heel! 

The thing about submission is that we are all doing it all of the time. Right now you are obeying someone. The question we should ask is what does proper submission look like? Who are we to be submitting to? Who gets to say what we can and cannot do in certain situations? What does godly submission look like? Who gets to require submission from us? Is there a way to submit that is sinful? Let’s chat!




  1. bethany hancock

    I want to say that I wish I would have heard this 3 years ago. I said the same thing until about a year ago “I want to submit and let him lead, but he won’t”. Truth be told the moment I finally submitted and respected my husband in a Godly way, he started leading. His growth as a husband, a friend, a Godly man has been exponential and I truly believe it’s by the grace of God and convicting me to submit to my husband.

  2. Ry

    I personally prefer making people submit but deep down I too have realized a slight desire to submit so you’re most probably right


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