This week Summer’s dad (James White) dropped by to talk Christmas, how to deal with grieving during a difficult time of the year, and what the incarnation is and why we must understand it. Also, if you don’t know what a cratch is, you’re about to find out.



  1. Jose Ruiz

    Absolutely loved this episode! First one I listened to all the way through. I love Dr. White. He has been instrumental in my walk with the Lord. I will be buying a book or two since I know someone that is probably exactly where Dr. White describes in this interview.
    Keep up the good work Summer and Joy. You trigger thought, repentance, and just self introspection that one so desperately needs, in a day when things are shallow and just mindless entertaining. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

  2. Chris

    Great episode. I’m definitely going to check out that book.

    Side note: This whole time I thought that unevenly distributed eggs was just a part of life, something I had to deal with whenever I wanted eggs. I never thought of taking them out of the carton like that.

    Good stuff.

  3. Tim Brown

    Thankful for this. I lost my dad a little over ten years ago. We saw it coming…and he was lucid up until his passing.

    Mom is a different matter. She’s got dementia and lives with my sister. It’s her but it’s not her. Her personality is totally reversed. It’s very frustrating and you feel dirty because you are frustrated. There is no way to “win”…which would be defined as having a normal conversation for the most part. I’m ashamed to say this but you sometimes just want to run away from it. Like I said, you feel dirty.

    Anyway, thanks. I’ve been reminded that it’s ok to not feel ok.

  4. Kate Lloyd

    This is my favorite episode so far! Thanks for talking about grief around the holidays… so encouraging. 🙂 Also I just ordered the book!!

  5. Val Brackett

    So this episode is awesome. I listened to it while at the gym (Christmas and sweatpants have, in fact, treated me just right) and couldn’t help but laugh. Out loud. In front of people. No shame. You guys are amazing. Happy New Year!

  6. Kim

    Thank you for this episode. My Grandma’s husband just passed away this Thanksgiving (which was also her birthday). I will be buying Dr White’s book for her very soon.


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