The life of the believer isn’t one of ease. We are called to daily fight the good fight. There’s armor we are to put on (check out Ephesians!). There’s a battle against our flesh that we must be fighting! We are passionate about the question, “How then should we live?” We hope to aim towards that goal in this episode. This is not a ‘bash on women’ session, but we really think through the traps and pitfalls that we can climb out of when we are busy waging war against the flesh and when we desire to live in a way that honors God.

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3:00 Why is Joy great at giving advice?

4:12 Why is Summer the way that she is?

11:00 London + housekeeping

13:00 A caveat.

14:27 Joy bring ungracious assumptions to the table.

34:20 Oh, bitterness. How quick we can be to it!

40:42 The need to be known + understood.

56:00 How do we fight temptation?




  1. Kirsten

    This episode was so helpful for me! After listening to this, I’ve caught myself thinking unkind things and had to ask myself: “Is this an ungracious assumption?”

    I also was so encouraged by the discussion on the need to be known. That is so me! I feel a deep need to be known, so it was a comforting reminder that God KNOWS me and I need to rest in that.

  2. Amy

    I struggle SOOO much with the desire to be understood by others. UGH.


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©2021 Sheologians

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