The life of the believer isn’t one of ease. We are called to daily fight the good fight. There’s armor we are to put on (check out Ephesians!). There’s a battle against our flesh that we must be fighting! We are passionate about the question, “How then should we live?” We hope to aim towards that goal in this episode. This is not a ‘bash on women’ session, but we really think through the traps and pitfalls that we can climb out of when we are busy waging war against the flesh and when we desire to live in a way that honors God.

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3:00 Why is Joy great at giving advice?

4:12 Why is Summer the way that she is?

11:00 London + housekeeping

13:00 A caveat.

14:27 Joy bring ungracious assumptions to the table.

34:20 Oh, bitterness. How quick we can be to it!

40:42 The need to be known + understood.

56:00 How do we fight temptation?



  1. Cindy

    Awesome topic and well covered. Praise God. May we have ears to hear.

  2. Jessica

    I searched, can you talk about head coverings??

    • Erika Osborne

      Yes! This has been on my mind quite a bit in the last couple weeks, especially when thinking about the roles of genders. I searched too, and it surprises me that nothing has been said–yet. I would very much like to hear Summer and Joy’s perspective on the teaching in 1 Corinthians 11.

      • Summer Jaeger

        We have broached the subject. It was in an earlier mail bag episode.

  3. Katie Hill

    I really needed to hear this reminder, especially the portion on bitterness. If you let it start early in the day, the rest of the day can so easily be tainted. Gratitude is everything, which ultimately for the believer we remember who we are in Jesus and the forgiveness we’ve received and we GET to live in the light of that 🙂 That said, I struggle with this intermittently. Thanking my Savior for His grace!

  4. Cass

    Ungracious assumptions – so solid! Hadn’t thought of it that way, and super guilty as charged, but encouraged to repentance. Thanks girls! So good. Praise the Lord.

  5. Megan

    Last week as a stay at home mom, I think I finally hit the bottom of my barrel. It was bad. I never struggled with anger growing up, but after Sunday school yesterday, and listening to this podcast today, I see that the root of my anger was irritability and bitterness… towards my three year old. Thank you for not being a soft cushion in scripture, but the wake up call I need every dang minute to recognize my sins and repent.

    Someone just recommended this podcast late last night to me, and this specific podcast brought it all home for me.

  6. Nicolette

    I just have to say I listen to your Podcast all the way from Namibia. Always welcome on this side of the world. Thanks for the good content.


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