This episode is all about thankfulness—how often we are terrible at it for all the wrong reasons, how to balance thankfulness for material wealth vs. eternal wealth, and how not to get yourself stuck in a gross guilt-cycle that honors no one and nothing. We end the episode with random Thanksgiving tales and we hope you leave encouraged and ready to get your holiday max-relax on.

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4:50 What is Joy doing in Australia?

10:00 Summer asks Joy for some discipleship wisdom around thankfulness & guilt.

27:40 Summer’s husband asks her to make a turkey. She’s never done it before. She doesn’t do well with raw meat. Weird things ensued.



  1. Betsy Gooch

    Hello, I would first like to say how much I love your podcast. You both are amazing and I really enjoy listening. Growing up in youth group I remember missionaries coming and speaking to us and one thing they talked about was the (eye of the needle). They explained that it is not impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven its just very tricky. They went on to explain that in bible times if a traveler showed up at the gates after a certain time they would not open the big gates but they would let them enter the small walkway that was called “the eye of the needle”. This doorway was too small for a camel to walk through but if they got down on their knees and was coerced through it was possible. I just always thought that was interesting and wanted to share. I looked online and it looks to be true but I’m not 100%. Just thought I would share. Again thank you and I look forward to more podcast. xo Betsy

  2. Amanda Webb

    I’ve just started listening to yall, I’m kinda backtracking a little, I’m super *thankful* for yall and I just say something not so theological: way to go Summer on that turkey! When my hubby and I were dating he said his favorite food was his dad’s chicken and rice, so when we got married I was determined to make it just right. So his dad told me to start with boiling a whole chicken and make sure to take out the “innerds” first. I am a good cook but I am also pretty grossed out at the thought of touching raw meat, especially poultry. I ended up covering my hands with a grocery bag, grabbing under the wings like I’m picking up a baby, and seriously shaking the chicken up and down to get it all out without touching it. It worked after a minute or two, and I’m really glad it didn’t slip out of my hands onto the floor or countertop or elsewhere. Can’t say that I screamed but I was determined to not touch it. Your Turkey story reminded me of this and just wanted you to know that you’re not alone lol!


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