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1:50 Summer upsets TR only folks [on accident?].

2:30 Joy gives Summer a strange compliment. Summer compliments herself. It’s already a train wreck.

3:15 Three important house keeping items: Summer’s new last name and WE HAVE VOICEMAIL NOW! The number is (470) 465-0475. And oh hey, Robyn!

8:30 What are some of the benefits of being a believer without a believing worldview?

20:00 Caveat: NONE of us have arrived. Did you catch the sarcasm?

21:36 Aren’t we more enlightened in our modern age than in the history of the world?

28:00 How do you become biblically literate?

30:00 Joy introduces a feminist of the week that is truly appalling. Welcome to the frontier of feminism!



  1. Crystal Vera

    Your sarcasm is so extra. I told the ladies in my small group to listen to you all and for the first half of the podcast, I was like “wonder what the girls are thinking if they are listening” ? . Let’s hope they were able to pick up on sarcasm and stayed til the end! If not, they may be ready to have an intervention with me soon hahaha

    • Summer White

      Thank you. Thank you very much. 😉

  2. Sarah Muckey

    “Run it over with your Prius after Yoga class.” Yes! Sarcasm done right. 🙂

  3. Gary Smith

    So, you are into antignomianism, are you? Oh dear, oh dear oh dear…

    Good show, as always, a refreshing change from the secular podcasts and Youtube commenters. I appreciated the sarcasm. Keep up the good work, and your healthy view of scripture. ^_^

  4. Aaron Belk

    I got a Jesus Calling ad when I went to listen to this episode and I don’t know how to feel

  5. Shiloh Pipping

    I love listening to you girls, but by the third time the song My Heart Will Go On came on this episode I just couldn’t. Haha
    Don’t worry I’ll keep listening.

  6. Hailey Rose

    Oh my goodness if this was the first episode I’d listened to, I would have been like SO confused. But this is so amazing hahaha!!!
    You two are my favorite!


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©2021 Sheologians

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