In this episode, we are once again joined by Summer’s Dad (Dr. James White) to discuss what the Bible has to say about the issue of homosexuality. Of course, we first swap some favorite childhood stories involving Summer and her vehicle mishaps. Then we dive into the recent supreme court decision that is related to issues of human sexuality and why it matters to you. After that we finish covering the last 3 verses of “the big 6”, the ones found in the New Testament.

Have you ever heard that “Jesus never discussed homosexuality”? Have you ever wondered what the New Testament has to say about the Old Testament? We cover these questions and more today!



  1. M Yirrell

    It is nice to know other people have a daughter like mine.

  2. Kelty

    These episodes have been so clarifying and helpful! Is there any way y’all could link to some of the things brought up in discussion like Rosaria Butterfield’s article on Romans 1 and Dr. White’s debate cross-examination? Would love to look more into these things.

    Keep up the good work ladies.

    • Amber Stout

      Yes! If you have time, reference links would be great. I came here looking, too!

  3. Trish Kimminau

    I really enjoyed this discussion as well as the one last week. It would be really helpful if you included links to the things you talked about on the episode webpage. That will save me having to go searching for the information.

  4. Leigh Ann

    Can you share which Bible translation(s) Dr. White was using? I kept flipping between versions online and couldn’t find it worded quite the way he said–which I think was very powerful and specific! Thank you!

    • Summer Jaeger

      Sorry I’m just seeing this! He was reading from the original Greek, ha! Leave it to him.


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