There is a conspiracy floating around out there that Summer and Joy are sneaky-sneaky-sneaking in an awful heresy into our episodes: WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS!

In this episode we own some things and just want to tell you straight up what we believe, and how you can truly let your burdens go. Did you know that Christ’s yoke is easy and his burden is light? It is! And we have some reeeeeally good news for you today!

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6:31 It is Summer turn to share her chosen conspiracy theory.

12:15 A critical difference between what one must do to be saved, and what one will do once saved.

17:00 The Westminster on our duty to the moral law.

19:00 What is the yoke we are putting on women?

25:00 Why experience is a bad compass. 

29:45 Encouragement for people that are dealing with similar lies.



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  1. Janet

    Hi Summer and Joy, I listened to your podcast today and thought you might like some feedback from Australia. Want to encourage you and let you know that you both are doing a fabulous job on your podcasts. I thought you really explained your position so well in this episode…especially making the distinction between what it means to be saved and how we should respond once we are saved. Please continue to speak the truth! So thankful to the Lord for you both. Keep up the “good work“;)


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