We have made the case before that early feminists are to thank for the modern horror genre, which begs the question as to whether or not there is anything of value in modern scary stories. After you very easily dismiss stories that are told only for the sake of being gross and evil, is there much left to enjoy? Is there any value in being scared? Let’s chat!



  1. Kayla

    The Vast of Night isn’t clean FYI. I checked IMDB and it contains quite a bit of swearing. Please double-check your movie/horror recommendations because Christians do take your recommendations seriously. I want to watch good movies but not when it contains sex or foul language.

    • Summer Jaeger

      Hi Kayla!
      So, as I have mentioned, Christians ought to be using filtering services and/or checking ratings before they watch things. I just assume that as adults, we do this, and we use our discernment. There is one curse word in the entire movie, and two uses of the word “damn.” If you walk down the street right now you’ll hear more foul language than you will in 90 minutes of this movie. Don’t confuse that with a defense of the use of a curse word, but certainly as Christians we ought to be able to be around language without using it.

  2. Melanie

    The scariest movies I have ever seen are The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and The Good Son. I think the reason I find them so disturbing is that the danger is close to home and aimed at the children.

  3. Jennifer

    I think Joy gave the wrong title for her last suggestion. I believe she meant “Wait Until Dark”.

  4. Jen S.

    I was listening during dinner prep, and found myself peeling giant cooked beets in a bowl of water in the sink mid-episode. Talk about gratuitous gore. Not a horror film I recommend.

  5. Lisa

    Did you guys recommend Wish Upon? My husband and I just watched the trailer and I’m kind of scared but he wants to watch it! So I’m just double checking if that’s the one that you recommended. Thanks!

    • Lisa

      Okie dokie…I listened again to pretty much the entire episode to make sure I didn’t miss it! Summary of the point you were making is it compare the BAD STORYTELLING of Wish Upon to the GOOD STORYTELLING of the 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Quiet Place, and Signs. Got it. Hubbie and I will enjoy this activity as well as the slow burn of the VAST OF NIGHT.

      Thanks gals! Keep putting the her’s and she’s into our crazy little univ-her-ses. OH YEAH. You can steal that one if not used already. Probably already done, but I might have missed that one.

  6. Adam Mauldin

    The movie is called Wait until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. A shot in the dark is the Pink panther sequel that includes an entire nude scene Beach.

  7. Minna E.

    As a Christian and a big fan of the horror genre, I really like it when you do episodes on this or other scary subjects! One thing I must disagree with you though: polterqeist IS scary. Demons moving chairs and stuff for the lulz might sound silly but it’s really scary when it actually happens to you. Trust me. Source: My grandparents house. Grandma eventually stopped the activity with her Bible though, so evil did not win in this case. Beause the Lord is much scarier.

  8. Melissa Smith

    I was thinking of “The Blob” from 1958. Watched that on tv as a teen while babysitting into the wee hours.


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