The world tells us that “once an addict, always an addict.” They tell us that addiction to things like drugs, alcohol, and sex are the consequence of a disease. But is that what Scripture tells us? Does Scripture place things like unrepentant sexual sin and drunkenness into a category of disease? If we have a biblical view of man, sin, and Christ’s victory over sin, can we be faithful Christians that parrot the world’s positions on such issues?

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1:45 Somehow, we are still talking about the latest shark movie and which one of us is more like Jo from Little Women.

3:36 What is your favorite piece of literature?

9:18 Why are we discussing addiction and Scripture?

11:00 The world has an incorrect, unbiblical view of man, therefore their starting point for addressing addiction is unbiblical.

14:25 What does freedom from sin have to do with addiction?

18:20 The Bible is sufficient to address addiction. Addiction is idolatry.

22:00 The best that AA can do is tell you “do not taste, do not touch.”

26:00 Are we over-simplifying a difficult, often complex issue?

29:51 What would we say to someone who is fighting the idolatry of addiction?



  1. T T

    Thank you for this. Sometimes I feel like there is this a scarlet letter pinned to me. I know I am new in Christ, but it hurts that others do not see that. Life would be easier if everyone saw one another through the lens of Christ. I guess that is all part of the fall out/consequences of serious sin, even when you are repentant. Thank you, ladies, for another amazing show!

    • Andrew W Gough

      My name is Andrew, and I am NOT an alcoholic. I struggled with the sin of idolatry (worshiped heroin meth crack alcohol etc.) For 16 years, all the while believing that I needed no God(loud proud bill Maher following atheist then), when the reality that I had many gods sank in while in a rehab in florence SC. This rehab is often referred to as AA community college, therefore I am well versed in the “big book of AA. Moral of the story: AA tells you to trust A GOD. Verily I tell you, even atheists have a God, in fact they have many, none of which were in the beginning with God, and through said idols not ONE THING WAS MADE THAT HAS BEEN MADE except their own feelings of despair and hopelessness…I would argue with anyone that the biggest contradiction in the whole book is the idea that we, who are creations, can create the creator(God), in fact that is the problem addicts and alcoholics face while practicing the intentional sin of drunkenness. AA IS TEACHING THE MASSES TO WORSHIP SOBRIETY, trading one form of idolatry for another. When I was at my worst in addiction, I worshipped heroin with such zeal, that most of my other sins (lust of the flesh, sexual immorality both hetero and homo) ceased to exist. I say this to point out how one can become easily confused by idolatry because with it can come even MISGUIDED MORTIFICATION. The only difference between worshipping king sobriety and THE KING OF ALL KINGS is that you will not pay for the worship of king sobriety until you die and burn in hell for eternity. People need the truth to be set free. The Truth is that the world(all people/sinners) needs a savior. Praise the Lord our God, he came, died, and rose, that all may be redeemed, in this life AND the hereafter. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope that we profess. May peace and grace be multiplied in you by God the father, and our Lord JESUS CHRIST! ….oh yeah….thanks for listening ?

      • david

        Sorry AA didn’t work for you. I love AA and Jesus and God has used and is using AA in my life.

      • Jacqueline

        🙏Amen!!!. I totally agree. The Holy Spirit was ministering to me this past weekend, the very points you addressed, the exchanging of idols. A person in this forum, says that love AA, Jesus & God. As though AA is part of the Godhead. Some worship AA

        My ex malefriend has been an alcohol abuser for approx 40 years. He was in and out of my life for approx 10 of those years,

        He is a professing Christian. Yet heavily abuses alcohol, especially on weekends. And abuses every person he comes in contact with

        He meditates his childhood trauma of sexual abuse and rejection, with alcohol. He rejects Jesus as healer.

        To protect my heart, I had to release him totally over to God. Due to his anger and being a verbally attacked by him under the influence.

        Jesus is still healing me from the emotional mentally and spiritually scars I endured talking to him on the phone. Spiritual Warfare was heavy, I was attacked heavily opening up doors, of idolatry . I was almost bewitched as he continued to go into the spirit realm and pray curses against me.

        Jesus delivered me from this man and his evil spirit. It was a battle yet Jesus is stronger than those who seek out to destroy our souls. The Triune Living God is worshipped and there are to be No false gods idols above, beneath nor beside Him.

      • JimBob

        Outstanding, Andrew !

  2. Lizzie Sue

    Hi, I love what was shared about how addiction is idolatry and do agree. I just wanted to point out that when you quoted Gal. 5 in relation to freedom from sin and idolatry I think that is not in context with the passage. In Gal. Paul is talking about freedom from the law and not having to follow the Jewish religion as Christians. That A Christians righteousness is in Jesus not obeying the law.

  3. Bananafish

    As a former member of AA, I am so glad I listened to this podcast. I used to have a real problem with ‘alcoholism’ being classified as a disease. When I would bring it up to members that I respected, I was told I was wrong. I was given opinions from doctors, literature to tell me that I was wrong. Thinking back now to the history of AA, it makes sense to me now, why this is. The founding members, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith were two men that were the bedrock of the program. However. Bill Wilson, fell off the wagon and dabbled in drugs and also rumored to have had an affair, all of this while being in AA. Dr. Bob, however, was a bible believing Christian. I went to his house in Ohio and sitting in the living room in a glass case was his bible opened to the book of James. Dr. Bob, as far as I know, never drank again. The difference between the two, in my opinion, is stark. Guess who the rock star of AA is though. Who do you think everyone talks about most?

  4. Connie Mosley

    My Father was a “weekend binge drinker and gambler. ” After he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior, he never drank or gambled again. II Cor. 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

  5. Faith

    I have been raised in a strict Pentecostal home. Went on in my teenage years to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour. Sang in the worship team, spiritual dance and drama team at church. Did outreach programs. At the age of 25 started abusing alcohol however still going to church. Tried so many a times to stop asking God for help. This carried on for a further 25 years until 2 months ago I requested to go into the detox unit at hospital. I reached out to a home cell leader at church and told her about my addiction. I never heard back. While in hospital I was told about the AA meeting held at the ward. I attended and never felted so accepted and cared for and met a bunch of friendly people. I made some good friends that daily contact me, uplift me when I’m down or life just becomes to hard,

    Although I’m currently without a job where my career meant everything to me, I feel for the first time in my whole life more happy than ?, bubbly, praying daily. I do not agree with all aspects of the AA programme as I do believe God washes away my sins when I repent and I’m not forever an alchohol. Also that there is only one true God and Jesus Christ is my saviour. However attending the meetings help me with belonging, keeping me on tract. Talking to like minded people without judgemental. There is too many born again Christian that is so judgemental and also not enough tools being given at church to help you. They have sessions on marriages etc but no programmes on helping alcoholics or recovering alchoholics to stay sober. Is it not time for the church to stand up and do something about it instead of raising a lot of negativity about AA,. My parents and siblings who live in another country don’t know that I have been drinking almost 24 hours until I hit rock bottom. If they know that I have been an alcoholic they will judge me for sure although they all born again Christians.

    • david

      Hey I hope you’re doing well. I agree about judgement in the church and it just may be a lack of understanding about addiction/mental issues or compassion and empathy. I LOVE AA and I also do something called CR. For ME AA/CR and sobriety/recovery go hand in hand with my faith and I love God and I don’t need to prove it to anyone and don’t fear going to hell if my interpretation of the scriptures is wrong. God knows the heart and I think if your theology is a little off but your heart is in the right place God will help you with the knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

  6. David

    I am an alcoholic and I also am a believer/Christian/disciple/follower/whatever you want to call someone who believes in Jesus and what He did. I have to re-listen to this episode because some stuff rubbed me the wrong way and “reformed” theology doesn’t sit well with me. I do AA and has been a huge blessing to me and is what helped me get back to church. This is not my argument or rebuttal but I think it IS possible to be an alcoholic and be a person of faith. I’m working on being more eloquent and forming intelligent arguments for what and why I believe because I feel like simply having all the right ideas about God is not what changes someone and the world.


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