In this true crime story time Joy tells what sounds like an impossible story. How can a man be caught on camera committing a crime in a public, crowded area and still get away? Join us!


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  1. Serge Ménard(Maynard)

    Howdy!! How are You? Me fine, it is summer(not Summer Jaeger, because with Summer Jaeger it is the Heat!!!) over here in a town of Edmundston, New Brunswick Canada, living only two minutes from the USA border, so it is good, and We have goo weather so far, not hot like in the Desert where You live though.

    Concerning this video, You are asking the question, why this story, I think I know the answer.
    I think it was Bill Clinton in disguise and He thought He saw Hillary, so maybe that is why the cover-up.
    If You want to take down this comment, You can though, You have free
    will. It is Your website, after all.

    Take good care and be safe and God Bless.
    P.S. I will email You some thoughts about Men and Boys in Society, very soon, and You will know me a bit better and Who I am during that time.



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