There’s this really silly thing humans do. It’s almost like we are born believing that we are the kings and queens of our own little universes. You’d think truth depends on how we are feeling at any given moment. One might even go so far as to believe that we each have special insight no one else has ever possessed. In short, we all have a bit of a tendency to think a bit too much of ourselves, and way too little of others. 

“Standpoint epistemology” is something that has been formally introduced into our culture by a handful of academics that know how to appeal to our natural desires—specifically the desires mentioned above. Even if you aren’t a part of academia, you’ll find that this faulty way of thinking is alive and well in books, articles, magazines, facebook posts, and your favorite evangelical podcast. We hope to shed a little bit of light on how to spot this tomfoolery and call it what it is. 

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4:30 Joy teaches us about PH balanced waters.

6:31 A little about the end of Joy’s pregnancy and her brain.

9:30 Why we want to talk about this, and not-so-graceful dive into the subject.



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©2021 Sheologians

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