A really common phrase you’ll hear in Christian circles begins, “I’m really struggling with….” and then insert whatever sin here. But sometimes it is hard to tell if this is a euphemism or not. When you say, “I’m struggling with X”, does that mean you’re actively engaging in the mortification of that sin, or is it a way to say you’re totally giving in to this sin, but you really wish you weren’t? How we talk about our sin will certainly impact how we can fight that sin. So, “the struggle” we are talking about: is it real?

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It’s a short episode, you can handle all of it.



  1. Sarah

    Wow! Something so simple, and yet I had never considered this. Thank you for this episode! The struggle is real now!

  2. Tara

    Good Job Ladies! Thank you!

  3. Carla

    First of all “We are all on the struggle bus.” is my new favorite.

    Two options for the meat dish: Either use your muffin tin and call it meat cupcakes (no I see how that is a problem), or call it roast mince, it sounds more fancy.

  4. Jessica Wolfe

    Great episode! You briefly touched on the idea of Molinism, which I only heard of for the first time recently. Can you direct me toward some truthful resources with more information about it?

  5. Lindsay

    Thank you so much for this great reminder to continue this marathon, as Paul calls it, and to struggle against our flesh. I love your podcast!

    Side note: If you could put the names of the songs you play somewhere, that would be awesome because you play some great songs that I would like to look up.


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