We circle back to the topic of truth this week to discuss what Summer originally thought we would be discussing last week. What is truth? Why does it matter? How do we live with absolute moral standards when our flesh is prideful and when our culture despises the thought? Let’s chat!

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2:00 We don’t regret NOT covering Joshua Harris’s apostasy. 

7:30 A brief discussion of game shows + Costco.

12:30 How did we end up on this topic, kind of, again?


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  1. Melissa Grimes

    When I first thought about what store I’d pick for SuperMarket Sweep I thought about Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s because I love to crochet and sew, but after checking out Anthropologie’s website I think I want to change my answer. 🙂 I’ve never read anything by Francis Schaeffer what book would you recommend?


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